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27 Jan 2014

Farrah hit up Fort Lauderdale's Doggies and Diamonds on January 19 to pose for the paparazzi and pick out a teacup Pomeranian for Soph, to which we say "noooooooo!" It's almost like Farrah doesn't even remember what happened the first time she bought Sophia a dog. But we remember very well. Not only did Farrah refuse to potty train her pooch, she forced him to wear a diaper (oh, the humiliation!) and then pawned him off to some old lady across the street . RIP, Kandi (because it's safe to assume that you are no longer with us). While it's sweet that Sophia is always on Farrah's mind, we're not sure a Pomeranian is the best gift. After all, Farrah isn't home enough to help take care of the pup, which means it'll probably just wander around the house wearing Pampers Pull-Ups and trying to escape into the Texas wilderness.


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